The Clock Is Ticking on Portugal’s Golden Visa

Take Advantage of Certain Perks While You Can Before Changes to Portugal’s Golden Visa in 2022

Lorraine D'Alessio
5 min readOct 6, 2021


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International travel and immigration policies always shift over the years to respond to different emerging trends. European countries frequently broaden criteria to help attract certain types of professionals these governments want in their country. Whether that be high earning investors, highly skilled workers, or targeted professions that will bring specialized skills and knowledge, these priorities shift over the years.

Earlier this year Portugal announced that it would be introducing new changes to its Golden Visa program in 2022. The Golden Visa Program has been one of Europe’s most welcoming programs for international investors because of how friendly it is for those wanting to make the journey to Portugal’s borders.

International investors can earn a residency permit and visa by investing in a real estate property. Investors can additionally apply for their immediate family to obtain these residency permits, and the process is as seamless as it is straightforward. To maintain the property, you must stay in Portugal for one week to satisfy the stay requirements. A walk in the park right?

A couple months ago I wrote about how dependable of an option this pathway to Portugal is for investors:

“The Golden Visa program allows foreign nationals to invest in a real estate property in Portugal. This investment allows these investors to apply for a residency permit. Overall the program has stimulated the Portuguese economy significantly since it was introduced and has been the building block for countless foreign nationals to set up shop in Portugal. This investment level must be an amount of €500,000 in Portuguese real estate property.”

This investment level also varies depending on the area your real estate investment is in. The good news about these upcoming changes is that the investment level in low density areas will remain at €280,000. In addition to this, older, refurbished properties will become available for investors at a level of €350,000.

However, it looks like Portugal is limiting the areas within its borders that you can…



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