To the Grenadian Beaches and Beyond: A Pathway to a US Visa

Obtaining Grenada Citizenship as a route to US investor visa comes with tropical perks

Lorraine D'Alessio
5 min readJul 30, 2021


Photo by Elaine Brewer on Unsplash

The sandy beaches and volcanic soil of Grenada is home to a number of attractive destinations and potential for getaway from the demands of your business or career. From the sprawling capital of St. George to Grand Anse Beach, there’s no shortage of opportunities to immerse yourself in a new, tropical climate.

Travel to St. George’s Moliniere Bay for the Underwater Sculpture Park, a gorgeous submerged art installation by Jason deCaires Taylor. After taking in the Amerindian petroglyphs, venture over to the Belmont Estate for a fruits and spices tour to learn about spice and cocoa cultivation. After, browse the local heritage and historical museums to take in Grenada’s rich history and culture.

Grand Etang National Park offers picturesque hikes, unique geographical marvels, as well as the chance to take in a wide range of plants and animals residing in this stunning rainforest. Levera National Park offers remote beach views and ample space to escape the hustle and bustle of crowded tourist beaches.

Vacation in Grenada and you’ll quickly find that you can’t get enough of this Caribbean getaway. What if you don’t have to return home? What if you could make Grenada a more permanent getaway where you can live and work from?

Grenada Citizenship Through Investment

Enter Grenada citizenship through investment, a popular go-to pathway that countless international investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs have pursued as a way to stay in Grenada on a more long-term basis.

There are two ways that an individual can receive Grenadian citizenship.

Applicants must either invest a non-refundable donation of $150,000, or an investment of $220,000 in a Grenada real estate project. They must maintain this investment for a period of five years to continue holding Grenadian citizenship.

Applying for Grenadian citizenship usually takes about 6 months in total. But applicants can choose an expedited application process with a turnaround of 4–5 months, with an additional fee.



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