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There are a number of reasons you would want to sell or exit your business.

Whether it’s to move on to other new and exciting business opportunities, to take advantage of rapid growth in your current business, or because you want to retire, there’s no shortage of inspiration that could…

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The digital nomad lifestyle is becoming increasingly common across industries, borders, lifestyles and more. For countless international professionals, the office is wherever you have a decent internet connection, and an enticing destination to explore outside of work hours.

The adventure-hungry explorers and eager travelers are ready to take in the…

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Last March the pandemic paused the world. From lockdowns to stay at orders, everyone remembers where they were in the early days of the pandemic. Face masks became the new normal, hand sanitizer and thorough hand washing came into practice. …

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Even though vaccination efforts have been well underway in the U.S., a new strain of the COVID-19 virus known as the Delta variant is beginning to spread. First detected in India, the variant has now been traced to 85 countries. Experts estimate that one in five infections in the U.S…

Lorraine D'Alessio

CEO of LA based D’Alessio Law Group, award winning immigration expert, former Ford model, proud Canadian, author of Going Global: Investing in U.S. Immigration

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