Classical Antiquity to Modernity, there’s more to Greece than Greek tragedy through the country’s investment-based residency visa

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Art history students, fans and scholars of antiquity, and curious minds across the world are more than familiar with the various art and architectural offerings that define Greece’s storied history, as well as the massive legacy that Greek society has in the modern day.

From the Parthenon in Athens to Sanctuary of Asclepius at Epidaurus, there’s no shortage of sights and relics from the days of Ancient Greece to fully take in the Doric order. …


Portuguese residency through investment could be an ideal path for vaccinated adventurers

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For the travel-hungry vaccinated public, the opportunity to live and work in a remote and unfamiliar land represents the ultimate daydream in a post-pandemic world. And given that the doors for international travel are opening for vaccinated travelers, there’s a number of routes that can make that daydream a reality.

The European Union finalized its proposal to open up its borders to vaccinated travelers coming from the United States and around the world. By June, the 27 member bloc will welcome nonessential travel to its borders. …

The European Union announced that it would accept fully vaccinated travelers to its member countries this summer.

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After a ban on nonessential travel to the EU for the past year plus, it looks like vaccinated international travelers and tourists will be able to visit the EU this coming summer.

The head of the European Commission announced that the 27 member bloc would allow fully vaccinated travelers to travel to the EU for the purpose of nonessential travel, a welcome relief for eager travelers hungry to make travel plans given the past year of lockdown.

Tourists and travelers must have received…

The President aims to remove all troops on the 20th anniversary of the ill-fated 9/11

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Last week the Biden administration announced that the United States would remove all military personnel from Afghanistan by September 11th, 2021, on the 20th anniversary of the World Trade Center attacks. In a speech from April 14th, the President outlined why it was important to remove troops from Afghanistan while underscoring the rampant cost of being in the country for such an extended period of time.

“We cannot continue the cycle of extending or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan hoping to create the ideal conditions for our withdrawal, expecting a different result. I am now the fourth American president…

From COVID-19 vaccine rollout and economic response to immigration and infrastructure, the Biden administration is setting the pace for the next four years

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The first 100 days in office is a benchmark for presidents that has been closely monitored and scrutinized within the modern era. For the leader of the United States, it’s a chance to capitalize on the momentum they earned on the campaign trail, and to set the pace for fulfilling their agenda.

These first couple of months are an opportunity to show the country, and the world, that they walk the walk. Campaign promises are filled with ambition, but a president’s ability to follow through and deliver their vision to citizens and residents is crucial in defining their legislative and…

Governments are working on programs to require proof of vaccination in order for people to participate in social events and travel

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After over a year of lockdowns, working from home, travel restrictions, and more, there’s no question that people are itching to dust off their passports and make travel plans to catch up on lost time. Sports fans are curious about when in-person spectating will be allowed.

Concertgoers are ready to hit Coachella in the desert. Foodies are eager to hit their favorite food festivals. All in all, humans are social creatures, and a year-long drought of person-to-person interaction has people looking to the other side of the finish line.

As vaccine rollout in the U.S. continues, and more and more…

The Biden Administration continues its overhaul of the U.S. immigration system in the latest Presidential Proclamation

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On February 24th President Biden officially revoked Presidential Proclamation 10014, a previous Trump-era ban on certain types of family and diversity-based visa types and programs. Proclamation #10014, enacted in April 2020, officially blocked green card applicants currently outside of the United States from applying for these visa types, as well as certain temporary foreign workers.

These restrictions blocked numerous types of people from applying at U.S. embassies and consulates, including:

  • Spouses and children of green cardholders
  • Parents of US citizens
  • Brothers and sisters of American citizens
  • Sons and daughters (over age 21) of US citizens
  • Sons and daughters (over 21)…

An additional $1,400 relief check will make a massive difference, but pails in comparison to what is needed for economic recovery

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This next month marks one year in major coronavirus quarantine procedures in the United States. While most Americans are used to the change of pace in their routines, the country desperately needs another round of stimulus relief checks to offset the numerous sacrifices made.

There have only been two rounds of stimulus checks to date. The Trump administration set the first wave of relief checks, an amount of $1,200, out in April 2020. It then followed this with another round of $600 checks towards the end of 2020. …

The Biden Administration Reverses the Trump Era Muslim Ban on the First Day in Office

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The first days of the Trump administration were defined by the panic and confusion felt on the ground at US airports.

After signing Executive Order 13769, also known as the first “Muslim Ban” — the Trump administration started restricting travelers from seven Muslim majority countries. President Trump and his administration strained the livelihoods of countless travelers and families.

Videos of travelers and protestors from US airports flooded the internet. Confusion ensued, and miscommunication from administration and airport officials led to a period of heartbreak and heartache. …


Obtaining Maltese Citizenship through Investment

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Imagine: You’re clocking out for a long weekend from the comfort of your home office. You enable your away message, shut down your computer, and take a look outside your window for inspiration for the weekend fun to come.

A trip to a secluded beach you have been meaning to visit? Maybe a reservation at the hip restaurant just around the corner from your friends' place? You could also plan a morning stroll through town to check out the gorgeous historical Roman Catholic architecture. And in the afternoon — a scuba diving session with friends.

To think that you could…

Lorraine D'Alessio

CEO of LA based D’Alessio Law Group, award winning immigration expert, former Ford model, proud Canadian, author of Going Global: Investing in U.S. Immigration

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