Portuguese residency through investment could be an ideal path for vaccinated adventurers

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The President aims to remove all troops on the 20th anniversary of the ill-fated 9/11

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From COVID-19 vaccine rollout and economic response to immigration and infrastructure, the Biden administration is setting the pace for the next four years

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Governments are working on programs to require proof of vaccination in order for people to participate in social events and travel

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The Biden Administration continues its overhaul of the U.S. immigration system in the latest Presidential Proclamation

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  • Spouses and children of green cardholders
  • Parents of US citizens
  • Brothers and sisters of American citizens
  • Sons and daughters (over age 21) of US citizens
  • Sons and daughters (over 21)…

An additional $1,400 relief check will make a massive difference, but pails in comparison to what is needed for economic recovery

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The Biden Administration Reverses the Trump Era Muslim Ban on the First Day in Office

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Obtaining Maltese Citizenship through Investment

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President Biden signs 17 executive orders on the first day in office, with several more expected in the coming days and weeks

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Lorraine D'Alessio

CEO of LA based D’Alessio Law Group, award winning immigration expert, former Ford model, proud Canadian, author of Going Global: Investing in U.S. Immigration

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